Here are some projects I've made meaningful contributions to while at Wikimedia:

My personal works include:

  • oidoid: Games, games, games. Actually, just one and it's not done yet.
  • dotfiles: My Ubuntu system configuration.
  • swankmania: A "Game Boy with vector graphics."
  • 01: 64 px² The Matrix themed WebGL shader.
  • Cooking Recipes: My cookbook. How did you live without it? How will you live with it?
  • git-diff-img: Diff Git versioned images graphically.
  • cb: Clipboard Evolved. Actually just a command-line clipboard with automatic copy and paste detection. Eg, cb|sort|cb.
  • shebang: A silly collection of single file programs that can be interpreted both as shell scripts and another language. The first interpretation is just to invoke the second with arguments.

Where did the time go?