#2016-11-27: Once & Future Cactus

Development starts.

This log was originally posted to the TIGSource Forums.

Once and Future Cactus is super early in development. Not much to show yet but I always wanted to be more involved in this community since discovering it a few years back.


You're Cactus, a human like wanderer resembling a large bar of green soap. As you journey through a handful of settings, you encounter mostly enemies and a few neutral lifeforms you're unable to communicate with. Your only solace and incohesive explanation for the strange world you inhabit is in books and scraps of epistolary information you come across.


Tap or click to interact or move. There will definitely be a handgun and hopefully a large inventory of items, including a detailed log of all discoveries made.


The graphics are super low resolution. The avatar is currently 6px tall. A 4x4 fixed width pixel font is in progress. The game is scaled to window size as pixel perfect as the ecosystem allows.


Lots of ideas but not started yet.

Check out the code on GitHub.