#2022-02-23: hello world!

A new website again.

I've rewritten my personal website many times in my life. This is another. It's always with the same sorts of aspirations: 1) build a platform to express myself easily 2) consolidate my work and ideas in one place that I own 3) connect with others.

The last two iterations of this website were primitive single file sites that mostly skipped #1 and linked to other platforms. It was very easy to maintain that one page but not everything I wish to share fits into the constraints of that design.

I intentionally took a no modesty approach this iteration so I could finish it hastily before I start my new job. It's so messy!

I've broken the site up into a few broad sections that fit my plans. It's the only thing I paused to think about this time:

  • Works: technical and nontechnical projects. For example, I think I would put my favorite project, swankmania, here even though it may no longer exist and the page is more of a postmortem. It's about creating something mostly whole. A book would probably go here. A finished drawing would go here.
  • Notes: Essays and writings. This directory may encompass a broad range of topics from my favorite Nintendo Entertainment System games to comparing different TypeScript programming styles.
  • Log: My thinking is that writings I put in the log will never be revised significantly (and therefore literally less polished). If I might make changes to an article, I will try not to put it here. The only other characteristic trait of logs is that they'll probably be more focused on a moment in time and may be more of a smattering of topics than a deep dive.
  • Profile: this is a pretty conventional "about me" page. I may make this more in-depth (eg, I could add a photos section), but I think it's more likely to stay light.

They all kind of overlap but have worthwhile distinctions.

Lots of work remains but, if nothing else, it was a fun experiment to explore Deno.