Where I donate.

I contribute to:

Where Contribution Since
Android Arts $3 / month 2021-10-09
Bottles $24 / year 2022-02-21
Debian $3 / month 2022-01-09
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) $100 / year 2022-04-30
Foliate $50 / year 2023-11-13
Free Software Foundation (FSF) $100 / year 2022-05-14
GNOME Foundation $3 / month 2022-01-09
LineageOS $2 / month 2022-05-01
shmuplations $2 / month 2021-10-09
Standard Ebooks $2 / month 2021-12-04
The Linux Foundation $3 / month 2022-01-09
Wine $2 / month 2021-01-22

In the past, I've donated to The Wikimedia Foundation, Linux Mint, Tiled, and elsewhere.

#Why mention it?

It's often safer to keep one's thoughts to oneself. I share my donations for a few reasons:

  • If I think a project is worth supporting, I think it's worth sharing.
  • The default for most works is "never donate." For both myself and others, I want to promote contribution.
  • I don't think giving even so little is shameful. For myself, feeling ashamed about small donations discouraged me more than it encouraged me. It felt like automated tests in software development. Sharing my donations might help others who feel similarly.
  • Hiding donations seems unhelpful and possibly hurtful. I implicitly felt this way and never rationally scrutinized it.
  • I find it personally motivating to track my donations as a small accomplishment.